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In front of the main building and the former horse breeding stables of Razza del Casalone is a wide garden with pine trees, holm oaks and cypresses; it is illuminated at night and equipped with barbecues, tables and chairs allowing guests to spend pleasant evenings in the garden.

The farmhouse also has a swimming pool (7×15 m), open from May to October, and private parking.

For guests of the farmhouse exclusively, the BlackWood Agri-restaurant offer dinner with a discoutnt of 10%, by booking it in advance.



Visits and Tastings

Razza del Casalone is part of the Pallini Group Company, which has been operating in the area for centuries; you can then visit and taste the local buffalo milk products from our renowned cheese factory.

At the Inno Al Sole store, a few kilometers from Razza Del Casalone, you can buy and taste a wide range of excellent products along with cold cuts and local wines.

You can spend the morning drinking coffee and having breakfast and then buying bread and fresh milk; it is possible to have lunch and make aperitifs also taking advantage of the equipped and illuminated outdoor garden.

We organize guided tours with tastings that include the cheese factory, the breeding and the renewable energy plant.

Our story

This farmhouse is part of a larger historic farm belonging to a well-known family of the Maremma: the Pallini family.

The Pallini family was part of those landowners from Casentino who came to the Maremma in winter to graze their flocks (sheep, cows and horses). The so-called transhumance practiced a few hundred years ago. Among these transhumant families there were also the Ponticelli, the Pierini and the Bellugi, related to the Pallini.

In 1765, Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo and then his son Ferdinando III created large estates with a portion of pine forest surrounded by land to be reclaimed; these estates were largely assigned, with the obligation of reclamation, to transhumants who already knew the difficult climate of the Maremma. Among these, there were also the Pallini and in 1826 the family moved permanently to Grosseto.

Years went by and the family reclaimed the marshy land they owned thanks to a network of ditches and canals.

In 1968 Marcello Pallini inherited this farm from his grandmother’s brother, Luigi Ponticelli, who was passionate about racehorses and who selected the Casalone breed. Also, Luigi was one of the promoters of the construction of the Grosseto Racecourse (which took its name from its breeding).

It was in 1999 that Marcello Pallini decided to stop breeding horses and transformed “Razza del Casalone” into an agritourism.

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